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We are a fully Licensed by the N.Y.S D.E.C. to eliminate control, and prevent all types of pests.

Bed Bugs

Commonly found inside mattresses, baseboards, box springs, headboards, and many other cracks and crevices around the house. Bed bugs can lay 200 to 500 eggs during their lifetime.


Termites mostly feed on dead plant material, generally wood, leaf litter, soil, or animal droppings, and can cause serious structural damage to buildings, crops or plantation forests.


The most common insect infesting homes, food service establishments, etc. They are large, omnivorous insects capable of transmitting disease, which causes food poisoning.


Rodents have sharp incisors that they use to gnaw wood, break into food, and bite predators. They eat foods which are stored by people and are blamed for spreading disease.

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